Michael: Remove the wrapper leaf, the outside of the cigar [far right of the photo above], and you find the binder [to the left of the wrapper in the photo above]. Then the filler leaves are inside of that. Two things make premium cigars premium: long filler and hand rolling. What that means is you have all these components that have been put together by hand. But this piece [center of the photo above] is the long filler piece. Any cigar that you might've taken apart with your friends, the inside probably didn't look like this. For a cheap, machine-made cigar, the inside comes apart in little pieces. Short filler. Scraps.

Long filler is the guts of the blend. Different leaves from different countries from different positions on the tobacco plant. They’re put together so that the cigar burns evenly. If the filler is too thin, the cigar burns too hot. And then it’s not enjoyable. So, wrapper, filler, and binder. It could be all different countries, all different seed varieties, all different leaf positions.