Taking the vacation theme one step further, it's not surprising that the male cast members have all the time in the world to roll around in the sand (and the sack, tastefully, of course) with their soul mates—not a one of them is ever tasked with balancing their chick with a 14-hour gig, or even a 9 to 5 for that matter.

Don't get us wrong, serving in the Army is as real a job as any, but you'll notice that Sparks' stories ever so conveniently manage to work around their actual service, just as the Nights in Rodanthecouple are fortunate enough to hook up while homie's taken a leave from his surgery practice.

The remainder of the dudes? Ambiguously employed. Do we ever see Ryan Gosling's character working other than that initial stint at the lumber yard? Or how about volunteering with animals (Zac Efron's The Lucky One character gets involved at his woman's family-run kennel, while The Last Song's resident lady-killer, Will Blakelee, puts in time at the aquarium). It's easy to look good when work is never competing for your attention. Just puppies.