Where: California State University, Chico, at unrecognized fraternity Chi Tau
When: February 2, 2005

During Chi Tau's "Hell Week," Matthew Carrington and his friend Mike Quintana were forced to do calisthenics in the fraternity's sewage-flooded basement, for hours, while being verbally ridiculed. Throughout the length of the incident, the two were both given five-gallon jugs of water, and left to urinate and vomit on themselves while a fan blew cold air on their damp skin. 

After several hours of this, during which Carrington suffered a seizure, his fellow fraternity members put off calling an ambulance for over an hour. When Carrington was finally taken to the hospital, he was pronounced dead due to water intoxication, which had caused his brain and lungs to swell, and resulted in heart failure. The rogue fraternity has since closed its doors, and eight of Carrington's tormentors have each been sentenced, included a felony charge of one year in prison.