Apple likes to create simple, effortless user experiences, which usually means presenting users with as few decisions to make as possible. Sometimes this philosophy works beautifully, and sometimes it's maddeningly frustrating.

One case of the latter instance has been Photo Stream, a feature of iCloud. With Photo Stream, any photo you take with your iDevice or edit in iPhoto is automatically stored in a gallery in the cloud. You don't have to save or export anything, it's just there. The problem, until now, was that the photos stayed there indefinitely— there was literally no way to delete a photo once it had entered your Photo Stream because Apple simply left out the option.

Took a bunch of crappy test shots and wanted to clear them away? Too bad, you were out of luck. Shot some sexy pics that you would have preferred stay in one place? Whoops, make that two places.

With iOS 5.1 and iPhoto 9.2.2, thankfully all of that has been rectified. Once the updates are installed, it becomes easy to get rid of those unwanted photos in your Photo Stream. In either program, a highlighted photo now brings up the option to "Delete" with the press of a button.

Simple, right? Who'd a thunk?

[via CNET]