A new teaser website, Baldursgate.com, is setting the stage for the announcement of a new Baldur's Gate. The new game will be the first game in the series since Dark Alliance 2 in 2004.

The site features the series' trademark skull and a single quote:

"The Lord of Murder shall perish, but in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny, chaos will be sown by their passage."

So sayeth the wise Alaundo

Moreover, Eurogamer says that the coding for the teaser site includes a slew of references to Baldur's Gate Mythology:

  • Shadowy Figure- Raise Dead : Infinity Engine.
  • For years, I clung to the memory of it. Then the memory of the memory.
  • And then... it returned. Better than it was before.
  • Pore over the tapestries and works of art hanging from our walls if you wish, Child of Bhaal... perhaps you will find a clue. But patience, ah... patience would reveal it all.
  • As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life.

According to GameBanshee, the new Baldur's gate is being developed by Beamdog, a studio co-founded by Bioware veteran Trent Oster, who worked on Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, along with many of its expansions. Beamdog has unofficially confirmed their involvement, stating that an official announcement is on the way.

[Via Eurogamer]