We don't feel it's too spoilery to reveal that Mass Effect 3 ultimately boils down to one very important conflict. Much of the game is spent readying the galaxy for the final battle with the Reapers, and making the wrong decisions—even if they were decisions made in the previous two games—can mean having less resources at the end.


It's actually quite similar to the way Mass Effect 2's ending was affected by your missions and choices throughout the game. But what if we don't feel like replaying Mass Effect 1 and 2 just to get a good ending in 3PC Gamer points out something we had already suspected—playing multiplayer can add to your resources in the single player game, thus potentially affecting the outcome of your game.

Whether you consider that a "rather dirty" tactic to force players to engage in co-op or simply a way for players who made bad decisions in the last games to make it up and still get a good ending is a matter of perspective, we suppose. PC Gamer seems to lean toward the former. We're not entirely sure yet.

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