We always suspected Wario and Waluigi were up to no good, and now they've been caught on tape breaking the oldest law in the book: no dancing in public! Even Gumby, who has nothing to do with video games (or anything, for that matter), shows up to join in the debauchery.

Check out the video to watch graffiti artist Kid NES paint a Mario-inspired mural to promote the Vinyl Thoughts art show that's taking place in Dallas next week. Stop by if you're in the area and check out their official site for more info. 

By the way, part of the track that plays during the second half of the video is a remix of Group X's infamous Mario jam, and if you haven't seen the old school music video for it, you've been missing out on a pretty big part of life. Check it out.

And stop by our list of the 50 coolest video game-inspired graffiti pieces for a shit ton of similar works of art.

[via Kotaku]