"I can see Russia from my house!" Those are the words that cemented Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression on Saturday Night Live as the now-ubiquitous pop culture reference that it is. 

Why then, was Julianne Moore, not Fey, chose to take on the role of former governor of Alaska in HBO's film Game Change? The proof lies in the frame-by-frame comparison of Palin and Moore. The two are virtually indistinguishable. While Fey was able to nail a caricature of Palin that made for great laughs, Moore's take on Palin is less an impression, and more an embodiment. Moore captures each nuance of speech and every fumble in full color, and the result is a technicolor take on Palin, vs. Fey's black and white.

As a result, we see Palin in full-spectum, from her kitchy warmth to her make-shift philosphies on foreign policy. It's actual a small slice of genius, as evidenced by the 2.1 million viewers who tuned in last Saturday, making the movie HBO's most successful film since 2004's Something the Lord Made.

Sure, Fey has captured our attention and snagged some quality laughs, but Moore fully entranced us by invoking Palin in all of her flawed, marvelously misspoken glory.

[via Jezebel]