Good Old Games has been providing PC gamers with new and classic games totally DRM free for a few years now, and they're not about to let up any time soon. On the contrary, they've got something planned for Tuesday at 9am GMT. That's 2am Pacific, so lucky for you, I'll be awake (I'm nocturnal).

Check out the video above (the tease is at the end) to watch the DRM knight—with a conspicuous valve on the back of his helmet—bust up a laptop in frustration at restrictive copyright protection. The knight is clearly Steam, though why it's so frustrated at its own DRM is a little confusing.

Regardless, we're excited to see what CD Projekt (the developers of The Witcher and the power behind Good Old Games) have in store for GOG. Would you like them to start competing more directly with Steam by releasing a full-on client? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.