If you're a fan of music videos, you'll wanna take a look at the new Vevo. The site, infamous for invading YouTube circa 2010 (and also for being a major label plot to dethrone MTV) introduced a complete redesign today that's all about immersive and social viewing experiences.

By social, in this case, we mean Facebook. One component of the redesign is complete dependence on the big blue social network— it's the only way you can log in.

The other thing you'll notice when you visit the new Vevo is that it wants to scan your iTunes library. It's a clever addition that enables the site to create custom video playlists based on your favorite artists.

Videos on Vevo are better, too. They're higher quality now and there's an all new player that's much larger but stripped down, letting the video take up most of the screen.

Give the site a spin for yourself. We think the overall experience is kind of like a Spotify for videos.

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