There are two principals here: Stan and A. Samuels. Stan is a college-educated older gentleman with a fondness for hats and an incredibly succinct plan for saving America's economy. It can be read, in its 2,503-word entirety, here.

A. Samuels is a 56-year-old "Atlantic City casino executive with a passion for hip hop and a desire to inspire." That's the music he makes, right up there. You can hear it. His talents include wearing a leather jacket and not blinking much. His talents do not include the capacity for shame.

This plan could be brilliant. It could, in fact, save America. But A. Samuels has damned it to minor meme Hell. Yes, it will be promoted widely on the Internet because of posts like this. But anyone with ears won't read the plan because of the promotional song. It is up to the deaf population of America to champion Stan's plan.

[via Gawker]