This story would emerge after 21 Jump Street's $35 million opening weekend.

After posing as a high schooler for eight months, an undercover California police officer's work led to the arrest of 12 students for drug related charges. The Exeter Union High School students, ages 15 to 19, were arrested by a 22-year-old cop who went by the generic name "Johnny Ramirez."

The school was placed on a 90-minute lockdown Wednesday while 11 of the arrests were made. The suspected ringleader, Eli Perkins (third image), was arrested at his home, and his parents were also detained for questioning. 

An unlucky 13th student, Corey Johnson, remains at large. Other students say he hasn't been at school for weeks. Possible snitch?

Anyway, the yet to be identified officer attended school events, did homework and took tests like a normal student would. He even made friends, while witnessing and purchasing weed, cocaine, prescription drugs and other assorted narcotics during the sting. 

Throughout the operation, only the school's interim principal, superintendent and one other administrator knew the officer's identity. Many students were left feeling violated.

[via Daily Mail UK]

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