Spoon feedings of sitcoms with canned laughter and vapid reality shows are fine for dolts who want to power down their brains when they watch television, but for the rest of us, there's nothing as satisfying as an enigmatic plot that keeps our minds active, forcing us to locate and dissect clues to solve a grand mystery.

With deep thinkers in mind, NBC premieres its new mystery series, Awake, tonight at 10 p.m. The protagonist, police detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs), survives a car crash only to alternate between two realities—one in which his wife (Laura Allen) died and another in which his son (Dylan Minnette) did—every time he goes to sleep. Unsure what is real, he begins to question his own sanity.

Chances are you will go a little batty trying to figure out what's true and what's false: Which is the true reality? Is Michael imagining everything in a coma? Is it all a DMT hallucination brought on by his near-death experience or actual death? Our brain hurts (in a good way) just thinking about it.

To celebrate the debut of the boob tube's latest head-scratcher, we’re counting down TV’s 10 Best Mysterious Story Lines. Beware: There are plenty of SPOILERS ahead.

Written by Jason Serafino (@Serafinoj1)

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