Twilight Mania is upon us again as the latest movie in the series, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, is just about eight months away from its release. And to drum up some buzz around the film, the first teaser for the movie was shown this weekend before screenings of The Hunger Games. Now that it's online, we can tell you that it wasn't really worth the wait for fans of the franchise. 

By their very nature, teaser trailers are supposed to be brief, yet satisfying; however, this one doesn't have enough going on to truly make an impact. All it features is a lifeless narration by Kristen Stewart and a look at her snappy new red eyes. For hardcore fans of the books, this is probably a substantial development, but for everyone else, there really isn't enough meat on the bone here to convert us into believers. 

As the fifth installment in the series, it's hard to believe that Breaking Dawn - Part 2 will be substantially better than the first four Twilight movies. But if you liked what came before it, there should be no reason not to glitter yourself up and catch the midnight premiere on November 16.