It's been 10 years since Men in Black 2 crash landed in theaters and seemingly killed-off the franchise, but now director Barry Sonnefeld is reuniting with stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for a third installment of the series. And after watching this latest trailer for Men in Black 3, it's easy to actually be optimistic about it, despite the fact that most movies that end with the number "3" usually just wind up raising our blood pressure.

Here, Agent J (Will Smith) is forced to go back to the '60s to stop the future from being corrupted. Once there, he meets up with a younger version of his partner, Agent K, played by Josh Brolin. It's Brolin's impersonation of the grizzled old veteran Tommy Lee Jones that looks like the movie's highlight. His stonewalled expression and Texas-sized accent are pitch-perfect here as he scowls his way through the brief time he is in the trailer.

We have seen time travel stories before in everything from Austin Powers to The Simpsons, so don't expect the plot to be anything fresh. But with some of the retro alien designs on display here, and a great cameo by Bill Hader as Andy Warhol, Men in Black 3 looks to remind us why we all loved the first one back in 1997.

Men in Black 3 will hit theaters on May 25.