After The Hunger Games scored an impressive $155 million at the box office over the weekend, Jennifer Lawrence was instantly propelled to A-list status in Hollywood. So it's no surprise that a new trailer for her next film, House at the End of the Street, just popped up online. 

The premise of the movie is simple enough: a nice family rents a dirt-cheap house down the block from a home that was the scene of a grisly murder years earlier. Of course, Lawrence befriends the last surviving son of the deceased family (played by Max Theriot), but finds out that he might not be as innocent as he seems. This leads to a twisted series of secrets that threaten the lives of everyone involved.

The trailer takes the straightforward plot and plays the events out in reverse. It's jarring at first, but the opening shots of panic should be enough to get any horror fan's pulse pounding. There are plenty of quick cuts and suspense along the way as we travel backwards through time to see the origins of Lawrence's terror. It's a gimmicky way to get people's attention, and it works perfectly here. 

We'll see if Lawrence can pull off the horror genre when House at the End of the Street gets released on September 21. 

[via MTV