WHERE: SuperMarket (268 Augusta, Toronto)
WHEN: Friday, March 9, 2012

The second time is often the charm and tonight proved that. Venue was at capacity well before midnight, the owner was over pouring the brews and cocktails happy as fuck, and our hosts Ms. Carol Kwak and Helen Cho did a phenomenal job of raising awareness for us in Toronto. Sometimes when you work with folks who are new to the promotions game they can be easily intimidated by the protocols necessary to be taken seriously on the job…but not these girls. They took all our experienced feedback and put it on the game. Incredible night, incredible sound, and Pt. 3 is already being booked. There is no loyalty in fame…only in loyalty….Thank you ladies, and here's to more smashing people's eardrums in together in your town.

Photo by Nabil Shash