We have to give props where they're due, so we will say this: TLC has an unmatched ability to track-down some truly weird humans.

But their latest find for My Strange Addiction, a woman who is obsessed with drinking her own urine, might be their most unsettling yet. Yes, even more disturbing than the woman who ate the ashes of her deceased husband, whom we just dry heaved remembering. This woman is shown funneling her own urine into her nostrils via a neti pot and reveling in the uniquely painful sensation it produces. She also rubs "the aged stuff" all over her body, brushes her teeth with it and uses it as an eyewash.

The scariest part is that she has the slow, lucid slur or an addict, and the coordinating shame too. It's not only disturbing, it's deeply saddening. TLC is literally draining every last drop (yay, pee-pee puns!) of humaniy out of us with this show. We watch, and then we're immediately ashamed we did. And honestly, the way they use the afflictions of others to draw in viewers really pisses us off.

[via TLC]