With the Double Fine kick-starting a Kickstarter craze for indie game developers, it's only natural that some of you investors out there are curious about where all that money goes. Dain Saint from developer Cipher Prime, one of the many studios relying on Kickstarter to keep the lights on while making their game, created a neat little infograph that breaks down the studio's monthly budget, 15,000 dollars, while making their game, Auditorium 2: Duet.

As you'll see, it turns out that a lot of the money goes to keeping the guys clothed and fed. before you freak out and call it an extravagance, keep in mind that these guys are living on just under 16 dollars an hour. As they point out, the breakdown doesn't include one-time costs like equipment and licensing fees, nor does it include any debt they may incur from using credit cards.

The bottom line is, it isn't easy to make a video game, so if you happen to see a game developer today, you should probably give them a hug. Also, if you want to help to guys at Cipher Prime by donating to their Kickstarter.

[Via Joystiq]

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