This is one of the most original projects we've seen on Kickstarter. Adrian Haggerty, a San Jose, Calif.-based artist and producer, is asking for money to help bring back one of the best-selling R&B groups of all time: Jodeci.

Haggerty, who goes by the stage name Dren, wants to raise $25,000 to fund the recording of a single with the whole crew: DeVante Swing, K-Ci, JoJo, and Mr. Dalvin.

Jodeci broke up shortly after the release of its 1995 album The Show, the After Party, the Hotel. Although Haggerty says on the Kickstarter page that he knows K-Ci and other members of the group, we're not yet sure if this is legit. Donate wisely.

[via Jenna Wortham]