During last night's season finale of The Walking Dead, we were treated to a brief glimpse of the sword-swinging zombie killer, Michonne; however, because of a conveniently placed hood, the identity of the actress playing her was a complete mystery. But now The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Treme's Danai Gurira has been cast in the role. 

Fans of The Walking Dead comics have been clamoring for an appearance by Michonne since the very beginning. She is one of the most iconic characters of the entire series and, let's face it, those swords are just cool. Next season Gurira will join Walking Dead newcomer David Morrissey, who was recently cast as the psychotic Governor.  

After the events of last night's episode, the wait for next season should prove to be unbearable. Between Michonne and The Governor all primed to change the entire dynamic of the series, season three of The Walking Dead should prove to be the most violent and disturbing yet.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]  

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