Call him the Gossip guy...Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame has launched his own gossip site, appropriately titled SitchNews. It's supposed to be all original and stuff, but it really looks a lot like the legitimate, actually entertaining, news site, Gawker, so color us a little skeptical.

According to the intro message, posted February 20th:

For those of you wondering exactly what we are, let me give you the run down.

Sitch News is an online social/pop culture experience that gives you all the latest and greatest in celebrity, entertainment, nightlife, fashion and Situation Nation news. Put it all in a blender, add one part GTL, a dash of FTD, and a teaspoon of DTF all with a smart, witty, commentary - and that sums us up.

"The Situation" and his talented staff provide a unique perspective for our daily posts, which are sure to keep you amused all day every day. Now, that my friends is a Situation.

Is everything a "situation" to this guy?

[via Gawker]