Adventure Time is the type of cartoon you just know is secretly for adults, despite being on Cartoon Network. It's certainly better than most of what's on Adult Swim these days. In fact, we think it's better than most TV shows, period.

So if this reddit user's mock-up of a retro-styled Adventure Time game ever came to actually exist, we'd probably lumpy space jizz everywhere. It started out as a simple pixel-art experiment and became this full-fledged title screen, with tons of environments and characters from the show.

"I imagined a Boy and His Blob puzzle dynamic, with beat em up style fighting would be an absolute joy to play," the artist, ungivenglory, wrote in the comments. "2 Player coop of course." Another user suggested they take to Kickstarter to get the game made, though of course they'd need Cartoon Network's approval for that. Good luck!

Here's some character and environment art from the project. By the way, we saw this first on Kotaku, though as avid redditors we would have seen it anyway. Would you play this Adventure Time game? What would you do different? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.