It’s one of the most legendary, yet controversial, purchases in Pop Culture history. In 1938, DC Comics—known then as Detective Comics Inc.—paid cartoonists Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster $130 for the rights to their brand-new comic book character: Superman. The character went on to become the biggest comic book property of all time and made DC Comics one of the two most successful comic companies in the world. Unfortunately, Siegel and Shuster couldn't reap the benefits of their character in the decades following the deal, and their estates are still in court with the company over who truly owns the rights to the character.

Now, the folks at are putting the actual check that DC purchased the rights with up for auction. The check was saved from being dumped in the trash by a DC employee and was recently co-signed over to Without a doubt, this check signifies one of the most important moments in comic book history as Superman's success paved the way for the likes of Batman, Spider-Man, and countless other superheroes.

The auction has so far fetched over $34,000 from interested fans, but with the bidding not over until April 16, that price will undoubtedly still skyrocket. So be sure to check your coat pockets and ash trays for some loose change and head over to to bid on this legendary document. Even if you can’t afford to bid, this is still a monumental relic from the comic book industry that should at least be worth a glance for fans of Superman and the industry itself.

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