There’s never been a time in history when women weren’t sought after for their looks, their talents, and their irresistible aura. But after 10 years of exhaustive research we can definitively state that the women of the Complex era are second to none. Now, before Susan B. Anthony starts turning in her grave, take a moment to consider the rising tides of pop culture over the past decade.

One Complex cover girl broke free from the church choir, declared that she liked to kiss other chicks, and blew up like fireworks in pop paradise. Then a certain gorgeous, cow-milking blonde emerged to give our generation its own “discovered on a whim” supermodel story. Even the alluring actress who threw away her on-screen career managed to keep the world captivated as she surfed a paparazzi-fueled celeb-culture tsunami.

Over the last 10 years, the average super-famous hottie’s career trajectory has been hilarious, perversely admirable, and deliciously unconventional. In our world, it doesn’t get any sexier than that.