Did you hear the news? The movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins's best-selling series of young adult novels, The Hunger Games, grossed $152 million in its opening weekend making it the biggest non-sequel movie release in history. Fans of the series must be on cloud nine, right? Not exactly. While a good majority of viewers were happy with the movie that our own Matt Barone called "efficiently commanding", there were a dissenting few who were disgruntled by the fact that two of the characters were, gasp, black.

More specifically, guys and girls alike were seemingly offended that the character of Rue, a girl described in the novel as "a twelve-year-old girl from District 11. She has dark brown skin and eyes," was played by Amandia Stenberg, a talented young black actress. No one seemed to care much that Lenny Kravitz was also in the movie.

This isn't the first time we've seen this sort of response from fans of certain beloved properties. Remember last year around this time when white supremacists launched a boycott against the movie Thor because Idris Elba was cast as the role of the Norse deity Heimdall? The group cited that Elba's involvement messed with the Nordic legend was all together unbelievable. Right. Because a man playing hopscotch with galaxies while wielding a magical hammer is so plausible.

Thanks to Tumblrs like Hunger Games Tweets, a lot of the idiots and bigots have been put on blast. Still, we just couldn't believe some of the things these people were comfortable tweeting out to the world. See for yourselves...