If you decide to opt for Will Ferrell's comedy Casa de Mi Padre instead of Jonah Hill's and Channing Tatum's remake of 21 Jump Street (also starring the hilarious Dave Franco), we guarantee you'll leave the theater wanting to know more about Ferrell's hot co-star Genesis Rodriguez

When presented with the challenge of speaking entirely in Spanish in her breakout comedy, it turned Rodriguez was no stranger to Spanish-speaking roles, nor was she to the telenovelas (Spanish soap operas) the film parodies. She got her start on the American television network broadcast entirely in Spanish, Telemundo.

Despite the fact that most of us here couldn't understand a lick of her language, we were intrigued that such a beauty could come out of the network. As it turned out, there are plenty more where she came from. Here are our picks for the 25 hottest women on Telemundo telenovelas.

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