20. “I think he got the point.”

Courtesy of: James Bond (Sean Connery) in Thunderball (1965)

What would a memorable James Bond one-liner be without a beautiful lady somewhere in the secret agent's vicinity? Serious 007 sacrilege, that's what. So it's only right that in 1965's superb Thunderball, Bond (played the almighty Sean Connery) gets to drop his witty snap alongside Domino (Claudine Auger), a sexy brunette who's dripping wet and sporting a two-piece bikini. The devil is in the details, after all.

In the middle of their picnic on the beach, Bond and Domino get interrupted by a goon armed with pistol, though his hand-shooter is no match for Bond's big spear gun. Once a spear is dislodged and pins the goon to a tree, through his chest, everyone's favorite agent quips, “I think he got the point.” It's a good thing that Domino is already wet.

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