12. “I don’t step on toes… I step on necks.”

Courtesy of: Colonel James Braddock (Chuck Norris) in Braddock: Missing In Action 3 (1988)

If you ever find yourself bored on a particularly slow day, spend some time on Chuck Norris Facts, the website that 891 (!) pages’ worth of reminders about how badass Walker, Texas Ranger truly is, in case one ever forgets. For example, did you know that “they were going to put Chuck Norris’ face on Mount Rushmore but the rock wasn’t hard enough”? Fascinating, right?

One thing that makes Norris’ best line in the 1988 shoot-’em-up sequel Missing In Action 3 so great is how easily it’d fit within the man’s “factual” site. Just reword it as, “Chuck Norris doesn’t step on toes—he steps on necks.” It’s slick enough to warrant Page 892.

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