Things aren't always what they seem. Hit shows like Dexter, Weeds, and Breaking Bad have shocked and entertained us for years with premises that involve some of the last people you'd expect turning criminal. We couldn't help but notice that life has appeared to imitate art quite a bit lately, with a surprising number of newspaper headlines mirroring this trend.

Take Anna Gristina, for example. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about the alleged Upper East Side madam behind the multi-million-dollar prostitution ring, recently carted away upon the exposure of her 78th street operation. However, the woman covering the fronts of endless NYC newspapers looks less like a stereotypical lady pimp, more like one of your English professors. The bigger surprise? Gristina isn't some down-and-out Hookers at the Point broad with nothing to lose—she's a married lady from the 'burbs with four kids. 

Gristina isn't alone, either. Individuals revealed to be behind some of the day's craziest crimes aren't always the crack vial-swallowing variety you've come to know and love on Cops—they're people that cure your colds, teach your classes, and even run your cities. Don't believe us? Take a look at our list of The 10 Most Surprising Criminals. Oh. And trust no one.

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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