9. Ron Jeremy's Truth Or Dare

We'll let you meditate for a moment on those two things that you never want to hear in the same sentence.

If you're one of the choice few, though, that digs the idea of a wild night with The Hedgehog...we regret to inform you that you've missed the boat on this one. In 2006, Kitten Digital announced the arrival of Ron Jeremy's Truth Or Dare, a now-defunct mobile game that challenged users to ditch articles of clothing or answer questions such as "What is the most daring thing you've ever done sexually?" In the event patrons didn't find those (surprisingly standard) questions titillating, there was always the option to capitalize on the app's other function: It could also be used as a vibrator.

No, we aren't joking. Per the company's press release, four different patterns turned consumers' phones into "exciting, vibrating devices," complete with visuals and a funky '70s soundtrack to "cause further arousal." Sookie sookie now.

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