10. Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest

You probably thought the life of an heiress consisted of double-fisting bottles of champagne or finding unthinkable new ways to blow money and beat boredom between sessions of sitting on your ass waiting to get rich-er (which if reports of Paris Hilton's exploits have taught us anything, it does!).

But there are also jewel quests, at least according to this Gameloft offering, which boasts "rich and classy graphics" and "many photos of Paris parading her jewels and hip outfits," though you can probably check those out for free if you head to any tabloid site, but we digress.

If you're a fan of the above, you'll make an ideal partner in crime for the heiress as she heads to the hottest cities in search of rare jewels for her new jewelry line, a trip filled with—suspiciously Snood-like—puzzles that are guaranteed to leave you "breathless" (the makers' words, not ours) for a mere $3.