The Walking Dead adventure game from the experts at Telltale Games is done and going gold this week, reports Digital Trends, which means its release is in the hands of the XBLA and PSN approval process. That could take as long as six weeks, though like the undead, it could always pop up when we least expect it.

After all, the show's second season ends March 18, and they're hoping to "capitalize" on that. Whether or not you think the show has devolved into a lazy soap opera devoid of real tension and excitement hopefully won't color your perception of the game, as we've got no reason to believe it'll be anything short of excellent.

Unfortunately this vague release window seems to apply only to the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, so PC (and iOS maybe?) players might have to wait a little longer. How do you feel about the show this season? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.