Remember back way back when Ashton Kutcher was still cool, before he had taken over Charlie Sheen's gig on Two and A Half Men, and we knew him as that dumb guy from That 70's Show who always wore trucker hats? Well, that's how long it's been since Punk'd has been off the air. 

But now (to no one's relief!), it's back, and it lies in the juvenile hands of Justin Bieber, who plans to use his new found power to torment the likes of the ever-innocent Taylor Swift. In the teaser for the new season of the prank show, we see Biebs convincing Taylor she's ruined a wedding by launching some sort of explosive into a yacht. Taylor 'sreaction? "This is not okay." 

If you want to see the emotional destruction of Taylor Swift, tune into John Mayer's new album the season premiere of Punk'd on MTV March 29.

[via THR]

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