Trayvon Martin's shooting has captivated the nation, drawing support from the man on the street and celebrities alike. Spike Lee has been quite vocal about the incident on Twitter, which was all well and good until he retweeted an address he thought belonged to George Zimmerman to his 250,000-plus followers. The problem—the address actually belonged to a couple in their 70s who have no relationship with Zimmerman.

It began when Marcus Higgins sent the address to Lee, as well as other celebs like LeBron James and 50 Cent. The tweet was also accompanied by the message "feel free to reach out and touch him." (Sounds a little too much like the vigilante justice Zimmerman himself is guilty of.) As it turns out, the address belonged to 72-year-old David McClain and his 70-year-old wife, Elaine.

The confusion began when George W. Zimmerman was mistaken for the shooter, George Michael Zimmerman. Nobody is certain how Higgins got the address, but George W. had previously lived there with his mother.

The McClain's have since taken up residence at a hotel, and Lee has apologized for the miscommunication and asked that everyone leave them alone.

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