The feds love it when you make it easy for them, but if you’re smuggling cocaine, you probably shouldn’t get into a car with a “SMUGLER” vanity plate. Or stay at the Smuggler’s Inn.

After snitches tipped them about a coke deal at a Pizza Hut in Washington state in December, Homeland Security set up surveillance and noticed a GMC Yukon with the license plate “SMUGLER.”

Agents followed the SUV to the appropriately titled bed and breakfast place, which is just a stone’s throw from the Canadian border. After pulling it over, they discovered a box with nine bricks of coke weighing nearly 24 pounds. The driver and owner of the inn figured it was just a Christmas present.

20-year-old Jasmin Klair confessed and agreed to work with the authorities. She said she had been instructed to book a ground-level room facing Canada at the Smuggler’s Inn with the names “Al Capone” (come on) and “DB Cooper.”

It gets deeper. During her explanation, she received texts from the men who given her the job, so the cops convinced her to coax them to the inn. They arrived, and then it was all a wrap. Narminder Kaler, one of the men, said he would’ve received $2,000 for the deal.

Smuggler’s Inn owner Bob Boulé (second image), who sees about 60 similar arrests annually, shrugged it off. These incidents are numbing when you’re that close to the border.

[via MSNBC]

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