You may remember this news from yesterday: A high school senior in Minnesota, Mike Stone, 18, took to his Twitter to invite as many adult film stars as he could to be his date to prom. His campaigning was successful, as Megan Piper accepted his invitation under the condition that he paid for her airfare as well. 

Turns out, however, his efforts were for nothing - school officials have decided that it would be inappropriate for Piper to attend the prom, and the principal has advised Stone to find another date.

"I'm not thrilled; I kind of wanted to go, but I understand," Piper told The Huffington Post

Another Twitter campaign as begun in support of Stone bringing Piper to prom - the hashtag "#Porn4Prom" was trending in Minnesota - but, according to Stone, it's useless. "I know and the school won't let her in the dance they said if she comes they arrest her," he tweeted. District officials have said in a statement that allowing Piper to attend the dance would be against school policies.

Do you think Piper should be allowed to attend the prom with Stone? Sound off in the comments.

[via New York Daily News]