A supposed ex-Rockstar employee reportedly believes that being terminated for breach of contract means he or she can breach his contract a whole bunch more without consequence, sort of like double jeopardy, but for contracts instead of murder. This supposed person has apparently leaked a ton of Grand Theft Auto V info to a friend, who then posted it to Gamespot's forums, a cached version of which you can see here.

In case you couldn't tell, this is very much unconfirmed. We saw it on reddit, which certainly doesn't make it any less suspect. So take it with a grain of salt and assume it's not true until Rockstar makes a statement either way.

First off is a ton of info about the protagonist: his name is Albert De Silva, he's a wealthy former gang member from Vice City, and he now lives in Los Santos, where much of the game takes place. He's got a son who's addicted to CoD. You can catch a glimpse of him a couple times in the trailer—he's the one narrating.

The world map is rumored to be five times as large as GTA IV's, with Los Santos taking up a little under half of that. There are planes (and possibly horses—scroll down), and cars and guns will be customizable with items like suppressors and nitrous. Gun fights will be more realistic, as well, and cops won't be so quick to gun you down. They'll try to make an arrest first and even use flashbangs and riot shields. And it won't be so easy to get away from them this time—they'll even come after you if you're driving too fast.

There will be an in-game underworld economy, which you can affect by buying stolen guns, cars and drugs. You can also take drugs, though doing so in public will get you in trouble.

Multiplayer will reportedly support 32 players on consoles, and Red Dead Redemption's gang system will be back, though it won't be exactly the same.

That's most of it. Let us reiterate: this is 100% unconfirmed, and we'll be honest, it's not likely that any of this is accurate. Some of it would mark a huge departure from past games in the series. And it's pretty obvious that one breach of contract doesn't entitle someone to leak everything they know about a company's inner workings.

So it is what it is. Do you think any of it could be true? Would you even want it to be? What else are you expecting from GTA V? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.