If Halo 2, Prototype, Bowser's Inside Story and Modern Warfare 2 have taught us anything, it's that gamers love playing as the bad guys. That's what Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's campaign is all about; you take control of the Umbrella Security Services (USS) squad to stamp out survivors and cover up Umbrella Corp.'s involvement and presence in the Raccoon City outbreak originally portrayed in Resident Evil 2.

Your opponents, besides zombies and biological mutant freaks, will be a Spec Ops team sent in by the government to find out what's really going on. Technically the good guys, they'll be playable in multiplayer, and—Capcom just announced—in a free DLC mission that's slated to hit in April, a few weeks after the game's March 20 launch.

The mission will allow you to take control of the Spec Ops team as they experience Jill Valentine's flight from the rampaging Nemesis, an event that originally transpired in Resident Evil 3. Unfortunately, the team doesn't feature any familiar faces, though Jill (and some other RE faithfuls, like HUNK), are guaranteed to make cameos in the DLC and game.

You can meet the team (Dee-ay, Harley, Party Girl, Shona, Tweed, and Willow) in the trailer above. Is Capcom's love of revisiting old events (see: RE: The Umbrella Chronicles, RE: The Darkside Chronicles) paying off, or are you more excited for Resident Evil 6? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.