It must be open season for Apple's iTunes. Last week Sean Parker took aim at the popular digital jukebox and store by saying Spotify was going to overtake it in two years. Now Rdio's head of design, Wilson Miner, speaking to The Verge about the company's redesign, said iTunes is old-fashioned.

Miner went on to say that Rdio is looking to truly transform the way people listen to music in this age. In his view, until recently there hasn't been much evolution in the way people think about organizing and listening music since the era of the CD player. He then likened iTunes to a "fancy CD changer". Ouch.

"We look to other ways we experience music outside of the digital music player experience, which still feels a lot like a small evolution from CD players. Like, iTunes is kind of like a fancy CD changer. Like, your friend who had the 100-disc CD changer kind of thing. We haven't evolved the music listening and collecting experience a ton since then. That's starting to change."

Go to The Verge to watch the full interview.

[via The Verge]