Penn State has once again come under scrutiny for its failure to take adequate action against accused child abuser and  former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky.

NBC News has obtained new information regarding the the 1998 incident in which Sandusky showered with an eleven-year-old male, and has found that the psychologist of the victim has spoke with Sandusky and concluded that his behavior was a “likely pedophile’s pattern.”

The therapist, Dr. Alycia A. Chambers spoke explicitly about the case for the first time with NBC News and said that she had "very little doubt in [her] mind" that Sandusky was indeed "a male predator, someone that was in the process of grooming a young man for abuse.”

“I thought…my report was strong enough to suggest that this was somebody who should be watched,' Chambers added, placing added emphasis on Penn State's lack of action in the face of her straightforward assessment.

In response to the newly surfaced reports, Sandusky's lawyer Joe Amendola said, "It’s the old story, you get your expert and I’ll get my expert.” 

[via MSNBC]