This was literally the "dopest" fake pregnancy of all-time.

Claiming to be pregnant, 42-year-old Afolake Awoyemi was busted smuggling an ass-load of heroin at JFK International. She failed to sell a Border Protection inspector, who proceeded with a pat-down search. The discovery of a bulge near her groin was the beginning of the end.

A partial strip search yielded pellets containing brown powder, which tested positive for heroin. X-rays revealed her intestines were packed with more pellets, which she was forced to evacuate throughout the course of the day.

She ended up passing 25 pellets in total, worth about $20,000 on the street. According to the Daily News article, that's light work, as veteran mules can swallow up to 200 pellets per mission. Awoyemi is currently recovering at a hospital, where she was given a pregnancy test.

For the record: She's not pregnant.

[via Gawker]

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