Despite its slightly cringe-worthy JRPG cliche of a trailer, Unchained Blades sounds like it may have some mechanics worth checking out. The game follows the plight of a dragon god stripped of his powers and form by a goddess to teach him not to be so damn arrogant. Presumably, this works quite well. Naturally, he's joined on his quest by a motley crew of misfits, each designed by a different artist—13 in all.

It's a Japanese dungeon crawler, with levels explored in first person while battles are turn-based. In addition, monsters can be "unchained" and recruited to help the party with offensive and defensive abilities. Each party member can carry four such creatures, making for a ton of different combinations.

The game's localization is underway, and it'll be released digitally some time this year on PSP and 3DS. Fancy some anime-inspired dungeon crawling? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.