Responding to concerns expressed by critics and users alike, Pinterest has revised its much-maligned Terms of Service in what it says is an attempt to "better reflect the direction our company is headed in the future."

Under the new terms, the site has removed a provision that would allow it to sell the content uploaded by users, insisting that that was never the intent in the first place. They have also excised another much-criticized clause that asserted users were claiming to be the rights holders of images posted on the site, which ran contrary to Pinterest's overwhelming use as a place for sharing third party content.

To that end, the site's revisions also seek to extend an olive branch to actual copyright holders by making it easier to report infringement.

Pinterest lastly responded to the "thinsporation" pro-anorexia boards on the site that had stirred up controversy last week. Taking a page from Tumblr, it now says it will no longer allow postings that explicitly encourage self-harm.

These changes won't do much in terms of settling the overall case against Pinterest, but they're a sign that the company is paying attention and is willing to course correct.

[via Pinterest]