You know what gets a big FOH? Overwrought public displays of affection. Especially when those PDAs happen on our Facebook or Twitter timeline. Look, we get it: If you're away from your significant other, you're going to want to post messages and share photos. We just wish it all happened in private. Well, now it can.

A new app called Pair allows two people to create a private social network in which they can share images, messages, and videos. The couple can co-create to-do lists and sketches. Pair even includes a featured called "Thumb Kiss" where the two users place their thumbs on the same spot on the screen at the same time and both phones vibrate. 

Pair is currently only avaialbe on the iPhone, but there's a Android version on the way. When the Android version does show up, cross-platform love will be allowed. 

[via Mashable]