If you're wondering who's probably attempting to campaign for worst person of the year, here's a likely candidate: Former Portland, Oregon nurse Nai Mai Chao was arrested and imprisoned for eight days after posting graphic pictures of her patients on Facebook, captioning them with derogatory comments. 

A co-worker discovered the pictures after recognizing one of the patients from the bandages on his bedsores. Chao denies taking the pictures, but does admit to posting them, which is still just as bad. 

In addition to being arrested and fired, she has also been banned from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and MySpace (not that anyone uses Google+, though). She also cannot take pictures of anyone now without their explicit consent, and she must write a 1,000 word apology for her actions.

"It's a good lesson that we need to be responsible about things we are posting online," prosecutor Kelley Cloyd said of the case.

Yeah, basically, don't be an awful person.

[via New York Daily News]