44-year-old Anna Gristina, a mother of four, got knocked by the NYPD for running a brothel out of her Upper East Side apartment. A five-year investigation by the Manhattan DA revealed that Gristina had provided prostitutes—some of whom were underage—to wealthy and powerful clients via her spot on East 78th Street.

The NYPD's public corruption unit collected some 100 hours of audio and video footage, which included Gristina bragging (during the Eliot Spitzer case) about having law enforcement snitches to tip her off if the cops were watching her. It looks like that didn't work.

The boys finally pounced on Gristina while she met with a Morgan Stanley banker who was, um, "eager" to help her expand her empire. After 15 years in the game, she claims to have made millions.

Heidi Fleiss would be so proud.

[via Gawker]

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