The porn industry is always quick with the uptick in tech. There are social networks and YouTube-like streaming sites dedicated to the adult industry. Now, capitalizing off of the recent wildfire success of the Net's new favorite image-sharing site, there is now a Pinterest for porn.

Snatchly, as it's so affectionately called, works in the much the same way as Pinterest. If, during your nightly (or daily, we're not judging. Do you.) smut scan, you come across some porn that you feel is too good to keep to yourself, you can save it to your "pornboard". These boards can be customized to focus on anything you want: certain porn stars, types of videos, types of sex, etc.

The site works with a lot of the popular streaming video sites including PornHub, RedTube, YouJizz, SpankWire, and a bunch of others we've never heard of but will soon familiarize ourselves with. You know, for research purposes.

Seeing as how Pinterest prohibits users from posting indecent images, and is currently trying its hardest to curb the amount of naked women appearing on people's boards, Snatchly may be its saving grace.