Mass Effect 3 protesters who hated the way BioWare chose to end their trilogy of sci-fi games have taken all kinds of action in the last few weeks, including giving to charity, filing complaints with the FTC and Better Business Bureau, and screaming at the top of their lungs. Someone must have told them that you catch more Yahgs with cupcakes, though, because they've just adopted a much sweeter approach.

One fan got the idea to reach out directly to BioWare in a very…tangible fashion, and quickly raised the money needed (around $1,000) to send the developers 402 cupcakes. The catch? Like the game's endings, the cupcakes are colored red, green and blue, and also like the endings, they're all the exact same flavor.

If they had wanted to take the analogy one step further, they could have made all the cupcakes taste like gravel and bile, but we assume they're just vanilla or something.

Is this going to be the dessert that breaks BioWare's back, forcing them to finally admit the ending to Mass Effect 3 is as awful as you all seem to think? Let us know your prediction in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Forbes]