No typos in that headline - this happened. A man in Austria sawed off his own foot to in an effort to avoid being seen fit to go back to work. We're not sure what was going through this dude's head when he figured this would be a good plan. 

The unidentified 56-year-old man was hours away from an appointment with the labor office where he would be examined to see if he was healthy enough to work again. Apparently, he figured he was and didn't want to be, so he took his left foot to an electric saw in his home workshop and sliced it off at the ankle. 

He called for an ambulence just after, but not before tossing the severed foot in an oven to hide it. Efforts by paramedics to reattach the foot were not successful. Guess the dude kind of got what he wanted...

OK, we gotta ask: If you wanted to get out of work this bad, what body part would you sacrifice?

[via Huffington Post]